Osmo Learning Experience - Review

AD/ Gifted. 

As much as I love letting the boys explore and learn outside, I also think it is important to encourage active educational screen time. We were very excited to try out the Osmo Genius Starter Kit and Creative Starter Kit. Osmo provides a hands on practical learning experience with a variety of apps to work alongside a compatible iPad or Fire. 

I was keen to see it it was something the boys could use at home and whether it would be beneficial in the classroom. We are now living in a digital age with coding being on the National Curriculum since 2014. Active screen time if used correctly can be a real benefit to your child’s digital literacy. The Genius Starter Kit comes with 5 games all covering the areas of problem solving, spelling, puzzles and maths. Once we had set up Osmo it felt like our tablet had been transformed into a hands on learning tool. Our favourite games were Tangram which even I enjoyed playing myself. With 500 visual puzzles it certainly provided me with a brain workout and utilised those spacial awareness skills as we attempted to arrange wooden puzzle pieces to build challenging shapes. We also loved playing with the words and numbers games the boys found it so much fun and it definitely felt like a great home learning activity. 

The Creative Starter Kit transformed our tablet into a creative tool. My boys love art and especially loved the option to watch their creations come to life on the screen with the animation options. Both starter kits come with a variety of games and also the option to order more online too. Other options include coding apps and Disney art apps, all available to purchase separately. The games are aimed at the ages 6 to 12 both my boys who are 6 and 9 both really enjoyed Osmo and often ask to play it now in the evenings. 

Osmo has been a fantastic edition in our house and has provided the boys with a creative way to learn through play but also have fun whilst engaging their brain cells. In the packs there is also a certificate which the boys loved as they are now an ‘Osmonaut’ after all their hard work and fun! 

To purchase visit www.playosmo.com


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  1. As you can see from the photos he is engaged and really happy with Osmo. It is a fantastic educational resource that is also a lot of fun !!

    1. Thank you! Yes it is loads of fun and the boys have really enjoyed exploring all the games Osmo has to offer!

  2. Wow! Learning at home now seems so much more fun than how I remember it growing up in the 80s! It’s far more engaging for kids so they must learn more.

    1. Yes I would have loved this when I was younger!

    1. Thank you for your comment, hope they enjoy using it!

  3. It’s always hard to know with edutainment toys whether they’ll be a hit or not. This one looks really promising, well worth considering. Excellent review.

  4. This looks fab, as if it’s really engaging your son, and you’re right, screen learning is regular life to our kids. Mich X

  5. What a fantastic idea. Learning through screen time. Looks loads of fun.

  6. I’ve heard such good things about this. It looks like a great learning tool for kids.

  7. I agree I love getting my boys outside but some educational screen time can be beneficial as well. This looks like a great way for kids to learn and be engaged

    Laura x

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