Letterland Educational Resources

Letterland Educational resources


We were very kindly gifted some learning resources from letterland.com Letterland is a UK based educational resources publisher, teaching phonics, reading and writing that is fun for kids and can be also used in the home environment.  Letterland resources are bright and colourful so children are immediately attracted to the stories and activity books.  

We have really loved using them at home with the boys. It also something I have come across whilst teaching in schools but it also has been beneficial when the boys were of pre school age in preparation for school and building on their early phonemic awareness. Letterland resources use a story based approach. This approach engages children and makes learning fun and memorable. The stories focus on a letter from the alphabet and incorporates a story around that letter. The letters are called the ‘Letterlanders’ and for example in one book ‘Annie Apple’ is the main character/ Letterlander and there is an emphasis throughout the books on the words beginning with an ‘A’. This repetition and using ‘A’ in various words increases vocabulary and stimulates learning to read. There are also songs to sing with actions to really reinforce the learning. 

Letterland Resources

Letterland resources are also multi sensory which involves helping your child learn through more than one sense. This style of learning takes place  by the students carrying out physical activities rather than listening to a teacher in a passive state. My favourite item we used for this was the Touch and Trace Flashcards. A pack of textured alphabet flashcards these cards can be uses to learn letter songs, build words but also learn letter shapes. This type of hands on learning can really aid children in learning the correct letter formation as they are physically feeling the touch and trace flashcards and whilst practicing to write each letter. A short caption on each card further helps solidify this for example; the letter b has the caption ‘Brush down Ben’s big, long ears. Go up and round his head so his face appears.’ 


We definitely recommend these resources as the boys found them so much fun. They utilise a range of learning channels though music, actions movement, art games and role play. They make learning fun and are great if you are looking for resources at home to utilise with your child. This is such a superb collection to help your children on the right path to really enjoy reading and writing. 

Letterland are currently offering 20 percent off online at www.letterland.com use code ‘ROWENA20’ at checkout. 

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  1. What a wonderful educational resource . If you want your kids to have fun while learning this is a fantastic experience !!

  2. Thank you it is loads of fun for your kids to use at home!

  3. What a lovely idea. Making learning fun.

  4. Oh I have never heard of these before, but they look great for beginners. We would love to try the phonics for definite.

  5. My daughter used their books loads when she was working on her phonics. Love these resources too they really do help to make learning fun.

  6. What a fab idea, I’ve sent this post to a friend of mine with a little boy. Bet she’d find it so helpful.

    Katie xoxo

  7. These would be great for kids who are starting out in reception or even beforehand. My daughter used to love looking through ABC cards and learning her phonic sounds.

  8. I loved letter land and a child!! These look so bright and colourful too, they will be great for when jasmine starts school

  9. This sounds like it would be very useful for parents with little ones. Anything that makes learning fun is welcome in our home. They seem very eye-catching so ideal for children.

  10. These look so good! I am gutted I didn’t know about these when my son was learning the alphabet as I would forget the rhyming names of the letters, these would have helped me to remember them so I could make it easier for him not harder by teaching mummy!

  11. These are some great educational resources, definitely attractable for little ones 🙂

  12. I remember letterland when my older kids were young, had no idea it was still around

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